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Spain’s Ministry of Education’s Visiting Teacher Program

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The Ministry of Education of Spain oversees the ISA Program. They have a number of other amazing programs that we will begin highlighting. As this is on our minds with the departure of Sarah Soares at Tillicum, we will start with the Visiting Teacher’s Program. Teachers in Spain are interviewed and vetted for the program and various schools across the US can hire them for short term contracts (no more than 3 years is my understanding). They come with a J1 visa, the cost of which is covered by the school district or school who hires them.

This is from their Facebook Page today (search Education Office of Spain-USA if interested):

“The recruitment week for the Visiting Teachers from Spain who will teach in U.S. and Canadian schools during the 2015-2016 school year is currently underway in Madrid. We are thrilled to have the participation of numerous school district and state education administrators who are interviewing candidates.”


According to Ana Garcia de Jalon, the Ministry representative here in WA, our state sent a representative from the Highline School District to participate. A Highline school currently employs a visiting teacher.

The Bellevue School District has never hired a teacher from this program.

What do you think about this idea? What would be advantages and disadvantages? Please comment below. We may send a general snapshot of our comments to Tillicum or perhaps to all school for future reference.

Also, we’ve had a couple of email discussions with Mr. Peterson at Tillicum with regard to the recruitment process to replace Sra. Soares. If you have questions about the search, please ask and we’ll get back to you. If you don’t wish for your comments or questions to be public, please email


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  1. Yella says:

    I would have expected to see teachers in the Bellevue schools from Spain long ago. Our children participate in the ISA program because it is an enrichment and gives them a global edge. Having Spanish teachers teaching their classes or working with them in any other capacity brings the experience around full circle. It opens a whole new world to a student even if they have travelled a lot, interacting with a native speaker is so authentic and exciting. Please open this door for our students, I only see positive outcomes.


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