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Spanish Government ISA page: Click Here

Spanish Ministry of Education Spanish Resource Center (SRC) at UW: Click Here

Washington State OSPI World Languages page and Seal of Biliteracy:

Cervantes Institute and DELE Exam:

Bellevue School District ISA Page:

What is ISA?

The International Spanish Academies project (ISA) is a bilingual, Spanish/English educational model that the Spanish Ministry of Education and Science promotes in collaboration with American and Canadian educational authorities.  Broadly defined, it is a teaching model based on a shared curriculum of both languages used for primary as well as secondary education with a vision and mission that:

  1. Encourage students’ academic success in all subjects of the curriculum.
  2. Educate students in the values of multicultural education to foster international communication and respect among different cultures.
  3. Train students to express themselves and effectively communicate in English and Spanish in their personal relationships and in an academic setting.
  4. Facilitate and promote the access of students to prestigious centers of higher education throughout the U.S., Spain/Europe and Latin America.
  5. Prepare the students for their professional development in an international context.
  6. Promote the participation of distinct groups and social sectors of the community in an integrative, educational project.

An ISA can be established in a school, or division within a school (elementary, middle or high school), that is starting or is already developing a quality educational program in English and Spanish.

The Ministry of Education and Science of Spain makes the following resources and programs available to ISA programs:

  • Specialized visiting teachers and language and culture assistants
  • Teacher and student exchange programs with Spain
  • Teacher training courses in Spanish universities
  • Participation in a North American network of ISAs
  • Pedagogical advice and curriculum support via an assigned area director

The ISAs embody an integrated curriculum that will prepare the students to later participate in international programs of recognized prestige to complete their higher education degrees.  The language of instruction is English and Spanish, the exact proportion determined by the school, bearing in mind that the objective is to obtain written and oral competency in both languages.


Structure of BSD’s ISA is as follows:

Screenshot (185)

Update:  Summer 2016 – Sammamish High School became an ISA High School and kids may now choose between Newport and Sammamish (or leave the program and attend another High School, many of which do have Spanish Language options)


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